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Mechanical Tube Applications

Steel Mill Hydraulic Cylinders Steel Mill Hydraulic Cylinders

  1. DOM & CDSM Cylinder Casings, Large Bore CDSM Cylinder Casings, Large Bore Cylinders for sheet type processing, rollers Cylinders for sheet type processing, rollers

Heavy Equipment

Frame, cylinders, drive shafts, pinions, bushings, steering mechanisms, extension arms, axle shafts, levelers, exhausts stacks and systems, fluid and coolant conveyance, tred pins, hose couplings – DOM tubing, CD alloy, WJIC, SJIC, structural, ERW tubing

Heavy Industrial Cylinders

Agricultural Equipment

Frame, axle shafts & rods, fluid & fuel conveyance, pinions, track pins, bushings & spacers, handrail, steering columns & mechanisms, hydraulics, exhaust systems, air input – DOM, ERW, ROPS, WJIC, SJIC, CDBW tubing

Cranes & Mobile Aerial Equipment

Booms, Extensions, drive & power differentials and shafting, support cylinders & cylinder casings, support frame, axles shafts, steering columns, locators, retractor framework – DOM, Alloy, CD & HF Smls Smls, WJIC, SJIC, ROPS, Structural tubing

Lift vehicles, buckettrucks, platform lifts –booms, axle shafts,fluid conveyance,structural support,guard rail, cylinders,steering mechanisms,exhaust systems –DOM, Alloy,Structural, WJIC, SJICtubing

Utility Trucks & Emergency Vehicles structural supports & framework, axles, steering, shafting, hand & guard railing, cylinders, booms, exhaust and air intact systems – DOM, Alloy, structurals,CD & HF SMLS, WJIC, SJIC tubing

“Bush Hog” – Back Hoe Hydraulic Cylinder, hydraulic and fluid hoses and couplings, pinions, control shafts – DOM, ERW

EFI All Terrain – handle bars, axle shafts and rods, structural frame – DOM, CDBW

Lawn, Garden, Golf Course Equipment – Axles, Power train, framework, cylinders, bushings & spacers, steering, protective framework, exhaust systems, - DOM, ROPS, Alloy, WJIC,SJIC tubing types


Framing, fluid conveyance, hydraulics, turbine and engine shafting, control systems, support systems, landing gear, rotor or propeller shaft, railing – Alloy, Aluminum, Stainless, DOM, SJIC, WJIC tubing

Fluid Conveyance - hose couplings, unions, splices, threaded seats, connectors, insulators – WJIC, SJIC, DOM tubing

Hydraulic connector – fluid conveyance – WJIC, SJIC, plated DOM tubing

Detroit Diesel Allison Engine – shafting, pinions, hydraulic hoses, exhaust outlets – DOM, CDSM, HFSM, SJIC, WJIC

Various Fuel Pumps and Injectors housings, casings, ports and couplings – DOM & WJIC, SJIC tubing

Electrical motors, hydraulic regulators, casing/housings – DOM tubing


Framework, steering mechanisms, shock absorbers, track pins and track guides, handle bars & controls, fluid conveyance, skid rails, exhaust & intake systems – DOM, Alloy, ROPS, ERW, WJIC tubing

Off Road Racing, Rail racers, dune buggys – frame, axles, shock absorbers, roll bars, drive shafts, pinions, exhaust & air intact systems, fluid conveyance, filter canisters – Alloy, DOM, ROPS, WJIC, SJIC

Framework, Handle bars, axle housings, break housings, shock absorbers, pedal shafts, seat masts, handle bar extenders, basket attachments – DOM, Alloy, HREW, CREW, Aluminumtubing

Bushings, spacers, handlebars, steering mechanisms, masts, drive trains, shafts, framework, couplings, axles exhausts, shock absorber – Alloy, DOM, ERW


Supports, frames, arms, legs, handles, steering masts, axles, handles, fluid conveyance, lifts, extenders – DOM, CREW, HREW, Alloy, SJIC, WJIC