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HREW / CREW Carbon Steel Tubing

OD & Wall, ASTM A-513 Type 1 (HR) Type 2 (CR)


  • Lowest Cost compared to all other types of steel tubing
  • Better concentricity and uniformity of wall due to forming and welding of strip than A500 grade
  • Greater freedom from internal defects due to method of manufacture, rolling strip & welding


  • Reduced material costs
  • Closer tolerances than ASTM A-500 structural tubing
  • Surface finish with CR makes for less machining and therefore lower per part cost

Note 1: Size Range Available: 3/16” OD to 12” OD –walls .028” wall to 3/8” wall
Chemistries Available: C1008/1010, C1020, AK/DQ
OD Finish Available: Plain/Black, Pickled & Oiled, Whip Sanded, Galvanized, Brit, Chrome Plating Quality, Aluminized, CQ-Commercial Quality, Painting Quality
Flash Condition Available: Flash-in, Flash Controlled to .10 Max or .005 Max., Flash removed
Quality: Commodity Grade-ornamental-used in straight lengths only, Mechanical
Grade –used for formed sections such as bent, flattened etc.
Mill Minimums: Commodity Grades –5,000’ /#’s most sizes
Mechanical Grades –2,500’/#’s minimum

NNote 2: Most ERW product is produced in an “off-the-welder” condition; however, some mills can provide annealed tubing suitable for bending and forming. As welded tubing sizes are limited to the existing size rolls at the mill Producer. Thus, the number of available sizes are not as numerous as cold drawn tubing.