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Hot Finished Seamless (HFSM) Carbon Steel Tubing

OD & ID, ID & Wall, ASTM A-519 Hot Finished C1026 Grade


  • A general-purpose tubing, available in greatest number of sizes due to method of manufacture (Hot piercing)
  • Available in greatest number of chemistries again due to method of manufacture (Hot piercing)
  • Available in larger sizes than Cold Drawn Seamless or any other type of mechanical tubing
  • Less expensive then Cold Drawn Seamless or other types of mechanical tubing due to lack of finishing
  • Surface finish is in, an as finished condition, or rough condition unlike other types of cold worked or finished tubing
  • HFSM tubing offers excellent weldability and excellent machining characteristics


  • Excellent tubing for use in many applications after machining and preparation such as rollers, large cylinders, machined parts, bearing sleeves and structural supports
  • Customers can obtain chemistries required which is not always true of other mechanical tubing due to difficulty of welding some alloys
  • HFSM tubing typically has a yield strength of 70,000 and a tensile strength of 47,000 an elongation of 28% and a BHN of 116
  • HFSM tubing can represent a substantial cost per pound savings for customers where precise dimensions and surface quality are of secondary importance
  • HFSM tubing has been found in many applications to save on machining costs over castings, burn-outs or rolled plate products

Note 1: HFSM tubing is quoted in a 7 foot spread, typically 17ft to 24ft random Lengths, often as the product of a heat or a bloom. HFSM is a globally produced product. Customers should expect to order in quantities of and can potentially find price breaks existing at 20,000#’s, 40,000#’s and 100,000#’s
Size Range Available: 2.000” OD –16” OD by .375” –3.000” walls. Larger sizes available as A53.
Chemistries Available: unlimited due to process of manufacture (Piercing of solid bar.)
OD Finish Available: As finished or hot finished. (Normally requires some type of machining or grinding.)
Mill Minimum: Product of a heat or bloom