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Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) Carbon Steel Tubing

OD & ID, OD & Wall, ID & Wall, ASTM A-513 Type 5 C1026, C1020 Grades


  • Good general all-purpose cold drawn tubing choice.
  • CDSM tubing like its Hot Finished counterpart is available in the greatest number of chemistries due to its method of manufacture. (Hot pierced hollow which is then cold drawn.)
  • Cold drawn seamless tubing is available in the greatest number of sizes than any other drawn tubing because it is not limited by weld able hollows.
  • CDSM tubing due to the cold drawing process produces higher physical properties without additional heat treating resulting in good strength to weight ratios.
  • Cold drawn seamless tubing offers an excellent microstructure
  • Cold drawn seamless tubing is perceived to provide a slightly better machine ability than its HFSM counterpart. This is due in large part to the improved physical characteristics from cold drawing. Its weldability rating is good much the same as HFSM.


  • Excellent for use in numerous applications including rollers, shafts, machined parts, sleeves, cylinders, fluid transfer lines, hollow machined parts
  • Customer can obtain chemistry desired which is not true of other mechanical tubing due to difficulty of welding some alloys.
  • CDSM typically provides a minimum yield strength of 87,000, a minimum tensile strength of 72,000 and an elongation of 10% and a Bhn of 175.
  • Some customers perceive CDSM tubing to machine better than its counterparts. It may very well do so depending upon machining and cutting tools and fluids utilized.
  • Customers may specify sizes from .012” OD to 15” OD by .0015” to 1.625” walls
  • Customers will not find as many sub-surface or near surface imperfections as in HFSM tubing due to annealing and cold drawing process

Note 1: CDSM tubing is produced with a 7 foot spread, typically 17ft to 24ft random lengths in quantities of 5000’/#’s. Cut lengths are produced at normally a 5 -7% premium. Some sizes can be purchased in Quantities of 2500’/#s but normally at a pricing premium. Producer price breaks have usually occurred at 10,000’/#’s, 20,000’/#’s, 40,000’/#’s and 100,000’/#’s. Size Range Available: .012” OD –15” OD by .0015” -1.625” walls. Chemistries Available: unlimited due to process of manufacture (piercing of solid bar and cold drawing) OD Finish Available: CQ -Commercial Quality or as drawn condition

Note 2: Most service centers/distributors have phased out CDSM sizes that are available as a DOM Tube. Where and when pricing levels (usually import) provide an advantage over domestically produced DOM these service centers will substitute CDSM tubing. CDSM is a globally produced product.